Your Marketing Should Make Your Prospects Say “AHA!,” Not Just “Yes”

Tweet At MarketingExperiments, we throw around a term a lot when we create content. That term is “aha.” I think it’s an extremely helpful term for marketers to understand and employ in their marketing. But before I explain why it’s helpful, I want to first identify a serious problem in the world of marketing. Often, even here at MarketingExperiments with our micro-yes inverted funnel, we are simply content to get a “yes” from our potential customers. A “yes” generally means a sale, a lead or a click, depending on where your realm of responsibility lies.   But what we don’t always get when a customer says “yes” is the maximum intensity of that “yes.” This translates ultimately to less momentum through the customer lifecycle, which translates to a lower lifetime value of a customer, which translates to lower revenue in the long term. If you’ve ever bought a product that you needed because it was the lesser of two evils, you know exactly what I mean. Cable companies are great examples of this. In most cities in the U.S., there are only one or two cable providers. Because Americans can’t live without their favorite programs, they buy a cable package filled with channels they don’t need and constantly deal with terrible customer service. The cable company got a “yes,” but it’s a low intensity “yes.” The first opportunity most of those customers get to jump ship, they will. While no one is really thinking this way, our job as marketers…
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