Why Selfishness Is the Key to Successful Marketing

Tweet Philosophers [must] become kings … or those now called kings [must] … genuinely and adequately philosophize.” —Plato Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute, remarked about Plato’s quote in The Marketer as Philosopher — “One might substitute the term ‘marketer’ for the term ‘king.’” In order to best communicate as marketers, we need to sometimes slow down and ask “why” we are doing the “what.” This includes considering the reasons for the various elements of brand collateral, images, calls-to-action and testimonials we insert onto our pages. I recently came across a test that highlighted for me some of these challenges that marketers often face when balancing the “why” and the “what.” That’s why in this post I want to show how we can use the MECLABS Conversion Heuristic to really drill down on these specific elements while giving you a process in which you can apply a methodology to creating and optimizing all of your marketing collateral.     This heuristic is just that — a heuristic. This means it is simply a mental shorthand used to convey an idea or approach. This is not a mathematical equation and you cannot solve it. However, it does work similarly to an equation in the idea that the coefficient preceding the letters indicates that value’s level of importance. Therefore, motivation, with a coefficient of four, is more important in the conversion than anxiety, which only has a coefficient of two. With that being said, let’s start by evaluating the customer’s motivation on a page…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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