What Do You Lose by Fitting In?

I just looked over my last ten posts. The only thing they all have in common is that I’m not talking about what all my other friends are talking about. I’m not talking about lead magnets and how to automate your tweets or why it’s sad that Blab failed or any of that. I’m not debating whether Instagram stories is a good or bad thing. Mostly because I don’t care. It’s not why I do what I do, and none of that has to do with how I want to help people market and sell and live better. What Do You Lose by Fitting In? By contrast, I went to a few people’s sites and if you covered up their headers and just read the post titles, you wouldn’t really know which site you were on. The posts are somewhat the same. The subject matter is definitely the same. It’s like we’re all catching the same five fish. Continue ReadingThe post What Do You Lose by Fitting In? appeared first on chrisbrogan.com.
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