Value Proposition: Lessons from interviews with 50 business leaders

Tweet Marketing automation. Programmatic ad buying. Email personalization. Advancements in marketing technology can power a successful brand, if … … and it’s a big if … … they are used to communicate an effective and authentic value proposition. At Email Summit 2015 I sat down with Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO, Value Prop Interactive, and author of Value Prop — Create Powerful  I3 Value Propositions to Enter and Win New Markets, to discuss what value proposition means to your business.   The value proposition is “the core or central truth about whatever the offer is,” Palomino said. “And, most importantly, [the value proposition] answers this question — ‘why should anyone care?’” We discussed: Improving the offer for the customer in a way that the customer really cares about What Jose learned from interviewing 50 business leaders about value proposition Creating the right culture to get rid of inconsistencies in how the customer experiences a brand’s value proposition Watch the above video to learn how to get into your buyer’s head and create value in the world with things that matter to people, while improving your company’s performance. “It’s no longer selling — it’s engaging in a way that matters,” Palomino said. “And they welcome it. Now you’re answering my questions; you’re helping me understand how to take advantage of this. I actually appreciate even more communication from you.”   You might also like Watch Full Sessions from Email Summit 2015 – Complimentary access for MarketingSherpa email subscribers to HD video of Jose Palomino’s full…
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