Value Prop: Three Super Bowl commercials that nailed the “Only-Factor”

Tweet In last month’s MarketingExperiments Web clinic, we discussed the “Only-Factor.” This key ingredient of an effective value proposition is the point where the exclusivity and appeal of an offer intersect, causing prospects to say, “I really want this, and I can only get this from you.” In today’s crowded marketplace, having a strong “Only-Factor” is critical in gaining mindshare with prospects. The menu at Moe’s Southwest Grill might be just as appealing as the menu at Chipotle, but what made the latter an industry leader in the fast-casual category was its best-in-class organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Similarly, though retail juggernauts like IKEA and Bass Pro Shops are not reinventing the wheel with their products, the destination shopping experience that they provide cannot be matched by their competitors.   Super Bowl 50 When promoting a product or service, there is no bigger platform than the Super Bowl. In fact, the 21 most-viewed television broadcasts in American history are all Super Bowls. Last Sunday, a record 167 million of us watched Super Bowl 50 stateside, shattering the U.S. record for most total viewers ever for a broadcast. Bigger than the Olympics. Bigger than the Royal Wedding. Bigger than the moon landing. Every year, companies spend millions for the opportunity to advertise during the Super Bowl. For Super Bowl 50, companies paid a record $5 million per 30-second spot to get their products before the eyeballs of roughly half of all U.S. citizens. Yet every year, well-intentioned advertisers fail to capitalize on…
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