Three Steps to Boosting Conversions by Building Customer Relationships

Tweet MarketingExperiments’ Marketer’s Creed, Article 1, states: “People don’t buy from companies, from stores or from websites; people buy from people. Marketing is not about programs; it is about relationships.” NextAfter, an organization dedicated to helping nonprofits discover what truly makes donors give, put this concept to the test during an end-of-year fund-raising push. Tim Kachuriak, the company’s Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, is so passionate about this cause that he cut his family vacation short and flew cross-country to join us in the studio for the most recent MarketingExperiments Web clinic to share his results and show how what NextAfter learned could benefit any organization. Watch it here.  Background: The Heritage Foundation, a think tank, was soliciting end-year donations. Goal: To increase donations. Research question: Which email treatment will generate the most revenue? Test: A/B split test   Version A This email drips with formality and reads like a direct-mail piece. It begins with “Dear Fellow Conservative” and goes on to exhort the reader to “make a bold statement by standing with the Heritage Foundation.” It is signed by Jim DeMint, the foundation’s president.   Version B Version B appears to be a personal note. It starts out with “Hey there,” wants to see if “you’ll be able to contribute” and is signed by Christie Fogarty, Director of Membership.    The Result: More personal messaging wins                                              …
Source: Marketing Experiments
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