The Right Kind of Advertising

Matthew McConaughey is smart, and so are the people at Wild Turkey, a Kentucky maker of bourbon. They approached the actor to be the celebrity spokesman for their product. You’ve seen it a million times before. But Matthew wanted more. He said that he wanted to dig in and get his hands in the clay of it all, to be a bigger part of the story and not just a character in it. So now he’s their creative director. His first project? This six minute documentary. It starts out the way you’d expect, but I like just how quickly it goes into the details of the people behind the drink. It’s easy to forget that every product has a story, but that’s where McConaughey can prove his mettle. His job is to show us why this bourbon is what it’s meant to be.Continue ReadingThe post The Right Kind of Advertising appeared first on
Source: Chris Brogan
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