The Priority of Optimization

Tweet “The conversion sequence is actually a function of understanding the offer. We are not optimizing the product, we are optimizing the offer. As such, we are focused on two aspects: the content and the presentation.” — Flint McGlaughlin, On Improving the Conversion Sequence The goal for most marketers is conversion. Often other metrics, like open rate and clickthrough, are tossed by the wayside for the “all-powerful” conversion. I recently came across a test in the MECLABS research library that spoke to the idea of optimizing an offer through content and presentation. It also lent itself to the other side of metrics — elements such as conversion. This company (which has been anonymized) offers a testing software for certification exam preparation in the form of a subscription model. For this test, an email was sent out to their customers apologizing for a new, somewhat confusing, pricing structure.     Once the link was clicked, customers were brought to a landing page which had different subscription models to choose from. Here is what the control looked like:   I have placed black boxes over the logo and product names so the company is protected, but you can still get a sense of what the page looked like. There is subscription model pricing laid out in the main eye path with payment functionality on the right side column. Next let’s take a look at the treatment:   The treatment first displays this as an “exclusive offer” in the headline — not as a badge or seal.…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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