The Power of a Specific Offer to a Specific Prospect

Tweet Specificity converts. In marketing, there should be no such thing as a general message. The marketer communicates with an aim. This aim should dictate everything else we say. This aim should influence, even constrain, every word we say. — Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute Specificity converts. A specific offer to a specific person will outperform a general offer to a general person. This concept relates to a recent email test we ran with our MarketingSherpa audience and ran again (with a slight twist) with our MarketingExperiments audience. First, in case you’re not familiar with MarketingSherpa, allow me to briefly explain our sister company. MarketingSherpa’s content is geared toward exploring general marketing principles. This is also where companies and marketers can share specific marketing stories, such as Mellow Mushroom’s social media strategy and Red Bull’s content marketing advice. Alternatively, the MarketingExperiments audience delves more specifically into the tactics of marketing strategy. MarketingExperiments is about specific tests that the reader can apply to their own marketing. Now that you understand the difference in content related to the tested audiences, let’s get into the test itself.   The test We tested an email invitation for a recent follow-up Web clinic MarketingSherpa hosted. The clinic’s objectives were to examine the results of a live optimized email test, which was run by the MarketingSherpa audience at Email Summit 2015 alongside Flint McGlaughlin. The test consisted of two treatments: Treatment A focused on the Email Summit follow-up test, only mentioning live optimization from the…
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