The Next Event I Might Run

As the co-founder of PodCamp, it was interesting to participate at the most recent PodCamp Pittsburgh (this is their tenth running of the event). I was nearly surprised that nine years later, we’re still talking about which microphone to use and how to monetize a podcast. But that’s technically WHY we still run PodCamps. Because people still have that question. It made me think, though. The Next Event I Might Run I spoke with Carla Swank from Nashville a few times. She’s part of the team running Craft Content, which is their own project but that follows the BarCamp/PodCamp/other similar events legacy. It was exciting to see the new brand, the new ideas, the different spin on what is out there. Continue ReadingThe post The Next Event I Might Run appeared first on
Source: Chris Brogan
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