Site Optimization: 2 strategies to consider when trying to increase conversion

Tweet Online shopping is a favorite hobby of mine, mainly due to the convenience factor. Recently, I was shopping online for a new coffee table and found myself with a dilemma. I found a website that had a great assortment of coffee tables: different sizes, shapes and every color you could think of. They had it all. After navigating through the website for a few minutes, I realized finding the right one was going to be difficult. I was having trouble sorting through the different styles and began to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I had great tables laid out on the page in front of me with no way to organize them how I wanted. Not only was I having trouble with the layout of the page, but there was also a pop-up continuously asking me to sign up for the newsletter and for my personal information. I quickly became annoyed and overwhelmed, and I left the page. This made me think of a concept that we teach at MarketingExperiments’ parent company MECLABS: the inverted funnel.   The inverted funnel Marketers usually use the funnel as an analogy for customers moving through the sales process. What many marketers don’t realize, though, is that their customers are not falling into the funnel — they are falling out. Our Managing Director and CEO at MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin, has instilled in our company a customer-centric logic. With this logic, we realize that the funnel must be inverted. By flipping the funnel to illustrate customers…
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