Personality Matters: How one company doubled its ROI by customizing ads based on personality

Tweet Today’s algorithms can reliably predict people’s personality traits just by analyzing their Facebook updates. As marketers, we have the ability to use the digital footprint data of our customers to assess their personality, create messages that resonate with them personally and build more effective campaigns. To see if this really works, let’s look at return on investment (ROI) results from a recent test of customized ads based on personality traits. Sandra Matz and her fellow researchers from the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge, collaborated with VisualDNA, an agency helping companies leverage psychographic audience data to better personalize their messaging. Together, they worked with an online beauty retailer to conduct an experiment on Facebook, and presented their results at the 2015 Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP). The researchers hypothesized that presenting customers with ads that fit their personality traits (extraversion or introversion) would result in higher ROI for the campaign   The test To test their hypothesis, they created two sets of ads, one customized towards extraverts and the other tailored towards introverts. Although other personality traits could be relevant, the researchers picked extraversion/introversion for the test, because it was most conducive to creating contrasting ads. Researchers described the typical extravert/introvert to designers, and the designers came up with corresponding ads.   Next they selected two groups of Facebook users — one consisting of more extraverted people and the other one consisting of more introverted people. They then showed the two ads to both user…
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