OwnerFUEL is Live

I’m happy to report that we just launched OwnerFUEL as the media property supporting Owner Media Group. OwnerFUEL is the “parent” of all the various media efforts we have created. Let me explain the plan. OwnerFUEL is Business, Marketing, and Sales Advice for You My site, chrisbrogan.com, is built as a kind of hybrid. It’s me. It’s also me talking about my business stuff. There’s a lot of ME here. So I wanted to create a property that was more about the subject than it is about me. Sure, I’m writing 95% of the articles (anything with my name on it is written by me – others will use their names when it comes around). But it’s more me writing as a magazine writer than me being me. Continue ReadingThe post OwnerFUEL is Live appeared first on chrisbrogan.com.
Source: Chris Brogan
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