Nonprofit Testing: How one small change led to 190% increase in clickthrough

Tweet As marketers, we all dream of expensive radical redesigns of our websites that check off every item on our wish lists. Over the years here at MarketingExperiments, though, we have routinely discovered that with a proper understanding of customers, the smallest changes can often yield the biggest results. A recent test from our friends over at NextAfter demonstrates this fact.   Background As Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, NextAfter, noted when he joined us for our August Web clinic, Personalized Messaging Tested, NextAfter works exclusively with nonprofit organizations to discover what truly makes donors give. Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) is one such organization that NextAfter has partnered with to help answer this question. In an earlier experiment with DTS, Kevin Peters, Vice President, NextAfter, had found that visitors arriving at the organization’s primary donation page were highly motivated to give. He discovered this by testing two forms of the page. The first version of the donation page cut immediately to the chase, asking donors to “make a gift online.” The second version of the page posited that perhaps DTS was asking too much, too soon, and prefaced the “ask” with copy highlighting the unique value proposition of DTS. Quotes from well-known figures in the Christian community were also leveraged to build additional credibility.    When running the test, Kevin found that the supporting information used in Version B actually decreased conversion by 28% at a statistically significant level. Instead of building value for potential donors, the additional…
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