Never Manage Time – Manage Priorities

Leadership at all levels knows the story: there’s more to do, fewer people around, and everything is moving faster. In the absence of step-by-step leadership, and with the velocity of change in business, it’s important that we educate everyone in the organization to a new kind of personal leadership. The first thing to go? Time management. Never Manage Time Time management is a bad deal. In this, we try to squeeze the best out of the hours in a day. But everyone has 24 hours in a day. It’s a flawed mindset. And working 8, 12, or 16 hours might or might not get “more” done, but does it get the right stuff done? That’s the issue. Especially with all the remote workers out there now, the old word of “butt in chair” management isn’t working any longer. People also tend to fill up their “to do” list with tasks that might or might not be urgent, but that rarely align with the goals of the organization or even sometimes your own goals. The excitement of doing “to do” items clouds us from our “should be working on” items. Continue ReadingThe post Never Manage Time – Manage Priorities appeared first on
Source: Chris Brogan
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