Landing Page Optimization: An overview of how one site increased leads by 155%

Tweet Simple, direct and bare. When your company and process is known around the world, a blank page with little competing content can not only work, but it can work really well. Simplicity is key. Take a look at Google’s homepage:   What about new visitors? Imagine coming to this page for the first time, with little to no context of the company. What is this company? If I type something in that text box, for example, where will it take me? Simplicity is not always a key to effective website optimization. “Leaders must grow comfortable with paradox and nuance. Clarity does not equate with simplicity.  Simplicity does not equate with easy.” — Flint McGlaughlin, On the Difference between Clarity and Simplicity. Simplicity is the reduction of friction, but clarity is the optimization of the message. A simple message is not necessarily a clear message. Take a look at a test we ran with a physicians-only social network that allows pharmaceutical companies to conduct survey research and promote products to their audience. The goal of this A/B split test was to identify which microsite would generate the most total leads. Check out the control below. Can you find the value proposition?   There are a couple of points that speak to product-level value, but nothing that addresses primary- or prospect-level value. The treatment test that the team put together focuses on the primary-level value and clearly presents the “ask” of the page through a form field.   Notice that the treatment…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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