Keep it Simple, Make it Personal and Other Marketing Lessons Learned in 2015

Tweet There will always be new marketing technologies, strategies and tactics that promise to lure more customers than ever into the sale funnel. But here is what remains constant: No matter what tool you’re using, marketing must communicate the value that the customer wants. This was underscored by the latest MarketingExperiments Web clinic which looked at this year’s five most important marketing discoveries. You can watch it here. All of these discoveries make it easier for customers to understand value.   Discovery #1: The impact of immediate authority on content marketing People always pay for your content with their money or time, and quickly decide whether it’s worth the cost. Show them it’s worth it by immediately building your authority. This is illustrated by a diet and nutrition company that was optimizing its site for mobile. The company tested three versions of its site, each with the same video. The Control headline orients the reader and builds the problem, but there is no connection to authority — the personal source behind the content — to motivate the reader to play the video.   Treatment A immediately establishes the problem in the headline, builds authority by leveraging a photo of the company’s well-known founder before the video and then adds more details about the authority’s credibility below the video.   Treatment B does the same as Treatment A, but places the copy before the video.   Treatment C does not place the authority figure’s image at the top and, instead, focuses on her after the…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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