How to Recover from Failed A/B Testing

Tweet Back in 2003, a little blue fish taught us to, “just keep swimming.” Much like Dory, Ryan Hutchings, Director of Marketing, VacationRoost, taught us that even when we aren’t gaining the results we want, just keep testing. Ryan was one of the presenters at MarketingSherpa MarketingExperiments Web Optimization Summit 2014, where he discussed his marketing experience at VacationRoost — an ecommerce vacation rental wholesaler. During his session, Ryan shared how he and his marketing team were able to: Increase the company’s total conversion 12% Run more than 50 tests in a year These results were achieved by employing simultaneous tests for large and small projects. The tests Ryan utilized ran on two separate testing methodologies and allowed VacationRoost’s small marketing team to make the most of its resources. Because VacationRoost is an aggregation of several smaller companies, the company currently has many different websites and Web properties it has to maintain. “For a marketer, it’s ideal because I have this whole entire playground to essentially do whatever I want with,” Ryan said. However, not every test leads to overwhelmingly positive results. So what do you do when your costly testing is met with failure?   Make sure retesting is worth the cost No matter how many free resources are available, there is a cost to testing. Testing takes time, resources and manpower, so make sure the tests you are running are worth the effort. This warning is doubled when it comes to retesting. For one of Ryan’s presented examples, the…
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