How to Market to the Hyper-Informed Customer

Tweet It seems like shopping has turned into a research project. Although there will always be impulse buys, almost every product, service and company can now be made transparent in just seconds. Personally, this makes shopping more of an emotional investment than it has ever been in the past. Now, not only am I shopping for a reputable product and company, but I feel it necessary to tell others — even strangers on the Internet — about what I’ve learned from my experiences. This makes the challenge for marketers twofold. First, marketers must be more transparent about their products and culture than ever before. Second, companies can no longer scoff at customer service requests or bad reviews — the Internet has made marketing a two-way street.   Transparency These days, almost any claim can be verified by a basic Google search. You can compare product prices, features, and reviews in just seconds. For the marketer, it’s important to list every detail, feature and expectation. For the customer, it means that they can look for hyper-specific products and make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at backpacks, for example, from a simple Amazon search.    On the first page of the search results, Amazon gives the shopper a variety of backpacks to choose from — ranging in size, shape and function. On the product-level, customers can decipher between style and color choices among more general categories such as brand. If we look at a section of this infographic from the Business2Community blog, we can…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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