How to Identify and Overcome Your Marketing Blind Spot

Tweet Everyone has a physiological blind spot — an area without vision — because there’s a tiny part of the retina that doesn’t respond to light. Likewise, every marketer has a blind spot — their own lack of vision — which prevents them from seeing their marketing through the eyes of their customer. During his recent featured speaker presentation at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 in Las Vegas, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute, revealed critical steps to overcome your marketing blind spot so you can drive more revenue and opportunity. Watch his presentation here: The Marketer’s Blind Spot: 3 ways to overcome the marketer’s greatest obstacle to effective messaging.   1.      Understand the source of your disconnect. Overcome your self-interest, and instead look at your copywriting from the customer’s perspective. Consider these headlines and think about which one won drove the highest amount of clickthrough:    Then look at the results of the entire experiment:   The headlines that consistently performed well put the interests of the customer first. They immediately focused on what’s in it for the customer if she opens the email. Notice the top four headlines say or imply “get.” The worst-performing headlines put the marketer’s self-interest first — they don’t mention what the customer gets until the end.   2.      Consistently embrace a method for seeing through your disconnect. Fortunately, you don’t need genius or talent to see beyond self-interest. You just need a different lens – one that helps you look beyond design, beyond words, and instead analyze, step…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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