How to Avoid Losing the Value of Your Value Proposition

Tweet When a customer comes to a page or an ad, one of the primary questions asked in their subconscious is, “If I am your ideal customer, why should I buy from you, rather than your competitor?” The answer to this question is, essentially, your value proposition. However, what happens when you’ve formed a perfect value proposition, but it’s not giving you the results you wanted? You’ve filled out the worksheets, read all the articles on value proposition and followed all the rules you know. So, how is it that you’ve done everything, seemingly right, but it’s still not working? For a quick example, let’s imagine for a moment that you’re reading through an online article. As you’re reading, you see the following advertisement on the side of the page with the caption, “Let’s look at the world a little differently.” When we look at this ad, the first thing we see is the text in all caps; “Retired old man intercepted on his way out of the bank.” Below that is a confusing image of what looks like a diagram, followed by, at the very bottom of the page, what appears to be the value proposition: “Open happiness.” The customer is left with the question: What can I do here? Coca-Cola is a well-known, established company with a prevalent product and a value proposition that hardly needs explaining. If you’re familiar with the company, you think of Coke when you read “Open happiness.” You know the answer to the…
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