How Tim Ferriss Turned 300k Inactive Email Subscribers Into Raving Fans

Tweet How does one end up with a list of 300k inactive users? Between his bestselling 4-Hour book series, popular 4-Hour Workweek blog and investing in and advising top tech companies such as Uber and Twitter, it’s difficult to deny that Tim Ferriss knows a thing or two about optimization. Collecting nearly 300k email subscribers since he first set up his blog for The 4-Hour Workweek in 2007, Tim hadn’t sent a single email. However, he revived the email program one test at a time over the past year, and we interviewed him to discuss his recent successes. The first question: with his ability to continually try new things and drive results, why would Tim let such fertile testing ground go to waste? “I assume that since I have a lot of emails, I don’t want more emails. Therefore I’m not going to email my audience,” Tim said. He explained that he later decided his reason to email people didn’t have to be building up his list, or putting them into a sales funnel. “I realized the tools of my trade that I used to reach my audience like Twitter, Facebook, the blog, etc. were being crowded out in various ways. In other words, whereas I could hit 80% of my fanbase very easily two years ago, it’s very difficult now to alert them to the fact that I have a new blog post. Readers were missing things that were time sensitive. So I really viewed email as, in a…
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