How Personality Affects Website Preferences

Tweet We know that different personalities prefer different images and messages in ads. Personalizing ads based on personality can yield a high return on your marketing investment. On a larger scale, different personalities also prefer different websites. Let’s take a look at a study of Internet users’ personality traits to discover how personality affects which websites people find appealing and visit frequently.   The study In 2012, Dr. Michal Kosinski and Dr. David Stillwell from the University of Cambridge and Pushmeet Kohli, Yoram Bachrach and Thore Graepel from Microsoft Research released results of a study of more than 160,000 Internet users’ personality traits. The study examined how users’ personalities affect their online behavior. The researchers measured personality via myPersonality, a Facebook application that offers its users personality assessments and feedback on their scores. Once users completed the personality assessment, they had the chance to opt in or out of releasing access to their “liked” information as part of the myPersonality app. This allowed researchers to measure preferences for websites in two ways. First, they asked 10,897 participants to report on which relatively popular websites they visit by filling out the WPQ (Website Preference Questionnaire). Secondly, they were granted access to the specific pages that participants “liked” on Facebook. By combining the results of the personality assessments with visitors’ favorite websites, researchers were able to draw personality profiles of websites’ audiences.   Results Below is an example of The audience personality profile of the deviantArt online community website is users…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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