Holidays Ahead: Market with caution

Tweet Every holiday presents both opportunity and danger: you can either engage audiences or you can alienate them. It just depends on if you choose to jump on the seasonal bandwagon and how effectively you make the leap. The most recent Marketing Experiments Web clinic examines holiday marketing lessons learned, and what you need to do to ensure you take full advantage of seasonal campaigns while dodging pitfalls.  Watch it here. Consider this test, which has been anonymized. Background: A large financial institution. Goal: To convince customers to take out a mortgage or refinance an existing one. Research question: Which email treatment will generate the highest clickthrough? Test: A/B sequential test   The Straightforward Control The Control was an email that focuses on low mortgage rates and how to take advantage of them.   The Festive Treatment The Treatment screams, “It’s Halloween!” The assumption is that the liberal use of holiday expressions can make buying mortgages more fun and consequently drive clickthrough rates.     The Result: Value trumps fun   The holiday-themed email was a significant failure: a quarter fewer email recipients clicked through.   This test demonstrates that cleverness must enhance your organization’s value proposition. Otherwise, you’re creating friction.   Friction is the “f” symbol on the patented heuristic below.  MarketingExperiments and its parent company, MECLABS, derived this formula from analyzing tens of thousands of sales flows. It outlines what it takes to convert (C) a prospect into a customer and shows how the five variables — motivation (m),…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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