Grow Digital Subscriptions with 4 Proven Insights

Tweet What drives people to sign up for digital subscriptions, especially when similar content can be easily obtain elsewhere for free? To answer this question, MECLABS Institute recently completed a survey of 900 U.S. consumers who spend at least three hours a week reading print or digital news content and earn at least $40,000 annually. Academic and industry experts were also interviewed as part of the research. The full results are compiled in a MECLABS Executive Series report. However, we’re giving our readers a special high-level look at those results in this post and in this month’s MarketingExperiments 35-minute Web clinic replay, “Digital Subscriptions Boosted: Survey of 900 U.S. news consumers reveals four key insights to increase your subscriber base.” You can also watch an abbreviated, 10-minute interactive Research Brief.   Insight #1. Consumers sign up when they understand that a digital subscription will provide them a valuable experience that other products can’t match. Consider an experiment conducted by a national newspaper. Treatment A focused on the value of subscribing to online news. Treatment B focused on a discounted entry-level price. While value was mentioned on the landing page, the primary focus was the discount.   Treatment A increased clickthrough by 173% because it focused on the product-level value that the subscriber would obtain with their purchase: The opportunity to access unlimited stories in an easy-to-read format from any smart device from practically anywhere. Insight #2. Consumers have been conditioned to expect a seamless digital experience. That’s why it’s important…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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