Get Your Voice Out There

I got back from my fourth trip out to Social Media Marketing World (run by Mike Stelzner and team) and had a blast. I also came back quite inspired. Though I rail against “social media” quite often these days, I caught the thread of what it should REALLY be doing for us. It’s about making sure you’re out there serving, and part of that, is getting your voice out there to help. If you’re not down for reading, here’s a podcast episode that covers it a slightly different way, but gets the gist of it. Get Your Voice Out There I was reminded at this event by my friend Gary Vaynerchuk that the real value, the real opportunity, the VICTORY you can seek, is to use your voice to help others. You can connect and share and help people do amazing things in your world. It wasn’t any specific thing Gary said. It’s the fact that he built a huge media business around himself that continues to generate more and more business opportunities for him and the organization. And I’m not saying to clone what Gary does (you CAN’T be Gary – he’s singularly a force!), but instead, to think about how YOUR voice can serve others. Continue ReadingThe post Get Your Voice Out There appeared first on
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