Finding Your Ideal Email Send Time to Maximize Relevancy

Tweet We get this question probably more than any other: when is the best time to send an email to customers? The answer is that it is totally unique to your organization. There are many factors that could influence what your perfect send time is and the motivations of your customers. Testing for the correct send time for your customers can increase the relevancy of your email campaigns and, in turn, increase your overall clickthrough rate. To discover your unique send time, there are two simple tests that you can perform that will focus your email campaigns to send on the best day, at the best time. The first test you should run is a day of the week test.   Newsletter Day of the Week Test Earlier this year we helped a tourism organization find out when to send its monthly promotional newsletter. To do this, we used Monday as the control and evenly split the traffic of newsletters to be sent each day of the week. Based on the primary KPI, Opened/Delivered (open rates), the test had favorable results, and at least one treatment outperformed the control significantly. However, the secondary KPI, Clicked/Delivered (clickthrough rates), had inconclusive results.   Primary metric — open rate: Monday was used as the control, and Saturday had the highest performing day with 5.5% relative difference with a 99% Level of Confidence (LOC). Tuesday and Wednesday also outperformed the control with 3.8% relative difference with a 96% level of confidence. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday had statistically…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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