Email Summit 2015 Replay: Tips for tech support selection and contract negotiation

Tweet In the world of marketing, there’s always a push to stay ahead of the curve and, more importantly, ahead of competitors. However, it’s hard to dedicate the time, money, manpower and technical know-how to launching truly eye-catching (and revenue-generating) campaigns. This is especially true for smaller companies with marketing teams consisting of only one or two employees. Enter the potential best friend to most campaigns: the vendor. At the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015 Media Center, Erin Hogg, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, sat down with John A. Caldwell, President and Founder, Red Pill Email, to discuss the finer points of vendor negotiation. Specifically, John explained what to look out for when considering tech support vendors and what you should — and shouldn’t — negotiate when it comes time to draw up a contract. Watch the below interview to learn tips on how to handle vendor negotiation:   What to look for when it comes to tech support John emphasized the importance of interviewing the companies you’re considering for tech support. It makes sense. Your company is going to end up spending several hours with the employees of the tech support vendor you choose. It’s in your and your company’s best interest to make sure you’re not just looking for the best price but also the best support. “Make [interviewing tech support people] part of the purchasing process, part of your due diligence,” John said. When interviewing vendors, remember to keep your company’s needs at the forefront of your questioning. Specifically, John recommended asking interviewees…
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