Does Brand Help or Hinder Conversion? The answer is “yes”

Tweet Does brand truly drive revenue for every company — even if it’s not Google, Nike or Apple — or is it just a marketing department’s raison d’ê·tre? Is it really as powerful as marketers think it is? The latest MarketingExperiments Web clinic answers this question with (of course) testing. Be sure to watch it to learn why it’s critical to be thoughtful about how and when you use branding elements. Consider this anonymized test: Background: A regional marketing commission. Goal: To raise awareness of local activities and events, increasing number of travelers and tourist spending in [City]. Research Question: Which sign-up page will generate the most responses? Test Design: A/B split test   The Plain and Simple Control The Control was a landing page that encouraged people to sign up for a free guide.   The New and Improved Treatment The Treatment added details — font, images and design — that better reflected the brand.   Results: Testing matters The Web clinic audience overwhelmingly declared the Treatment as the winner. After all, more branding should drive more conversions, right? Here are the revealing and surprising results: the Control had a 51% higher conversion rate than the Treatment. This demonstrates the importance of testing, and the dangers that lie in the mindset that more branding automatically equals more conversions. If this organization would have replaced the Control with the Treatment without testing, they would have lost more than half of their leads.   Fortunately, they did test. The outcome made this organization realize that when they…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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