Discover the Power of the “Only-Factor” to Drive Conversion

Tweet According to the CMO Council, digital ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next two years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue and growing from $133 billion to $194.5 billion. This month’s MarketingExperiments Web clinic examined how to make the most of this increasing digital investment by focusing on the “Only-Factor” — the point of your value proposition where your product’s exclusivity and appeal meet. Check it out here. The two experiments below illustrate the power of the “Only-Factor.” In the first experiment, a credit card company wanted to see which PPC ad would produce the most applications. Version A promoted its affiliation with a popular organization.   Version B noted that it offered the only credit card that supported this particular organization.   The result: Exclusivity matters. 2.34% clicked to apply for their credit card from Version A while 4.07% clicked to apply from Version B. This is a 74% lift that was validated at a 95% level of confidence. In the second experiment, a software company wanted to drive more visitors to its landing page. Version A specifically outlined how its product stands apart (number of clients served, worldwide market leader, award-winning).    Version B mentioned awards, but was far less specific.   The results indicated that specificity converts. Version A reported 1.08% clickthrough while Version B had only .89% clickthrough — a relative difference of 22% that was validated at a 95% level of confidence. Want an instant test to measure how strong…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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