I’m at an interesting time in my career. Everything I’m “most known for” is mostly stuff from between 2006 and 2009, and though I’ve continued to be in the public eye and adding lots and lots of value where I can, it’s not like I’ve delivered any next BIG thing that has people talking. People quote me, but a lot of what they quote is from a whole different time. (The quotes still apply, I guess.) And I just stumbled onto one reason why. I need to give you some backstory. Play the Hits I’ve talked about this before. My “shorthand” for this comes from a story about the Beach Boys that might be fake, for all I know. Evidently, one detail that keeps ruining their plans for a reunion is that most of the band wants to play “Good Vibrations” and “Surfin USA” and Brian Wilson wants to play the experimental music he was working on when the band broke up. He wants to explore forward, but the band knows that people going to a reunion concert want them to play the hits. Continue ReadingThe post Definition appeared first on
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