Dear Alexa – Please Get Smarter – Hurry

I’m very much sold on the concept of voice-driven interfaces for the web. And I know that Amazon Echo (often called Alexa) is a great first foray into how we normal humans (I’m pretending to be normal – shush!) will start getting into this world. But now that I’m totally sold on the idea? Alexa – get smarter now, please. It’s All An Illusion – That’s the First Problem Here’s the real problem. We think Alexa is Jarvis. ( You know who Jarvis is, Right?) It’s not like that. Alexa isn’t really “smart.” She’s just trained rather well to listen to our requests, and several combinations of our words key pre-programmed responses. I know this. You know this. But it’s SO easy to forget. We want her to be smart. Wait. Her. It’s a female voice interface. But it’s not really a “her,” is it? Continue ReadingThe post Dear Alexa – Please Get Smarter – Hurry appeared first on
Source: Chris Brogan
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