Creating Product Names to Maximize Digital Exposure

Tweet While generating the maximum exposure isn’t always the first thing your product development team thinks about when developing a product, it falls to marketers to inform our company’s prospective customers about this new and exciting product. Unfortunately, rarely is the marketing team able to lead the product naming conversation; thus, by the time the product is ready to go to market, we are often handicapped in our options.  Below you will find three guiding principles for product naming that enable maximum exposure once your product hits the market. After all the hard work of developing a product, why name it in a way that reduces your ability to market? Following the guidelines below when choosing a product name gives you the best chance to achieve the maximum amount of exposure while expending the least amount of resources. Each rule below can be broken or ignored if necessary, but doing so will mean increased marketing costs over the life of the product.   Principle #1: Don’t allow search engines to guess While massive strides have recently been made by modern search engine algorithms in their ability to determine the user intent behind a given search query, they are not perfect. In order for your product to achieve the maximum level of exposure, your greatest weapon is to remove as much guesswork from the equation as possible. Principle #2: Don’t create product names that resemble a mistake Avoid misspellings Search engines automatically make adjustments for queries they deem to contain spelling…
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