Copywriting: 3 tips for optimizing your next direct mail campaign

Tweet It might come as a surprise, but according to research conducted by our sister site MarketingSherpa, 54% of U.S. consumers would prefer to receive regular updates and promotions in the mail. That’s the highest percentage of any other method. While we know stated preferences and actual behavior can differ, it’s still extremely interesting that physical mail ranked higher than email. This means consumers are open to receiving your direct mail pieces. It’s just now up to you to send them engaging and effective content. To help you in this effort, we’ve compiled three ways you can optimize your next direct mail campaign.   Tip #1. Direct customers toward the logical next step, not necessarily a purchase If you’re a regular reader of MarketingExperiments, you have likely heard something along the lines of, “The goal of an email is to get a click, not a sale. The goal of the landing page is to get the sale.” The same could be said of a direct mail piece. Think about your buyer journey. What steps do they take up the funnel? There are multiple micro-yes(s) that lead up to the macro-yes or conversion. For some buyer journeys, a jump from postcard to purchase might be asking for too much too soon — especially for longer sales cycles. Try using the direct mail piece as a chance to message your value proposition and encourage customers to learn more through a next action. That leads us into the next tip.   Tip #2. Clearly…
Source: Marketing Experiments
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