Advertising Hits a Hurdle

This guy is known as Pewdiepie. You can decide he’s a weirdo (he is). You can think his videos aren’t interesting because they’re mostly “let’s play” coverage of video games (currently one of the top watched video categories of YouTube). He also makes $12 million a year from YouTube. However, recently, YouTube implemented some changes to appease the complaints of their advertisers (the reason YouTube exists) and they “forgot” to tell their top creative people like Felix -er- Pewds that the changes were coming. Changes that cost YouTubers money. There’s some news here to think about. Advertising Hits a Hurdle First, if you want, watch Pewdiepie’s comments about the change (language not safe for work – which will become one of the points): Continue ReadingThe post Advertising Hits a Hurdle appeared first on
Source: Chris Brogan
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