Mike Rednour attained through the magazine article led to his receiving numerous offers on a monthly basis. All these offers were mainly requests for Mike to help provide his guidance and assistance in the formulation/development of various up & coming direct sales companies. He had also received lots of offers to work at training and motivating sales groups located not only throughout the country, but all over the world.

This was when Mike Rednour thought it was best for him to quit working in the industry as a marketer, and that it was time for him to instead start his own consulting and training company. Mr. Rednour thus served in the consulting and training field for more than 13 years of his life till the year 2010. This was when he had finally decided it was time for him to pursue his passion for helping others not only financially, but in a more important manner to him, which was physically.

With this thought and aim in mind, Mike Rednour has managed to help thousands of people of all age groups over the past 5 years. He has helped people of all races and religions, from all over the world and people working in all walks of life.

Through his services, Mike Rednour has managed to change their lives by showing and educating all these people about tips on living healthier and with more fulfillment in their lives. Through his experiences and all the travelling he had made all over the years, Mike has not only watched all the health and wellness industries grow, but also the beauty and skincare business explode.

Looking at all this, it was in the year 2015 that Mike Rednour finally decided to expand his own business to include beauty in his areas of specialization. This was how and when PowerHealth and Beauty was born in March of 2015.