3 Takeaways from the MECLABS Live Optimization Webinar

Tweet Every month the MarketingExperiments team hosts a Web clinic designed around a specific topic to help marketers create stronger campaigns. January’s “Boosting Your Only-Factor” clinic discussed the relationship between appeal and exclusivity, and how it’s not enough to have just one — you have to have both. In order to have an “only-factor,” there has to be an overlap between the appeal and exclusivity of your product or service. Basically, not only does your offer have to attract the interest of prospective consumers but you also have to give them a reason why they can only get this product/service from you. Using the principles touched on in the Web clinic, optimization specialists from MECLABS Institute, MarketingExperiments’ parent company, analyzed audience-submitted landing pages in a 60-minute Live Optimization Webinar to help fellow marketers create stronger campaigns.   Takeaway #1: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes When looking at a landing page or campaign, it is imperative to “put ourselves in the shoes of the customer,” Austin McCraw, Senior Director of Content Production, MECLABS Institute, said. Sometimes when marketers design content, we try to communicate as much value as we can, as quickly as we can. This is especially true on landing pages, where marketers are trying to grab the attention of consumers who have immediate Web access to your competitors all around the world. Therefore, when examining your campaigns from the consumer’s perspective, make sure that your value proposition is clearly stated. Austin noted during the live opt that many…
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