3 A/B Testing Case Studies from Smart Brand-Side Marketers

When you’re embarking on a new campaign, or a launching a new CMS, there are a million things that can go wrong. To which I say: GOOD. Bring it on. That’s what testing is all about, right? Letting the things that will go wrong, go wrong – but tracking it every step of the way. That, my friends, is the difference between a mistake and a “learning.” See that positive spin? As the Managing Editor of MarketingSherpa (MarketingExperiment’s sister site) I have covered hundreds of marketing campaigns by companies, and generally they are focused more on high-level inspirational stories. However, many of them have a lot of specific ideas for testing, and I’ve put together a collection featuring three of those case studies here. Case Study #1. Extra Space Storage In this MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice nominated campaign, the team at Extra Space Storage knew they were missing opportunities with customers using a business-first email program. So, they decided to tear it down to the studs, and rebuild it as a customer-first email program. The first place they started with was to scrutinize the previous system for lost opportunities – the first of which was that it was completely transactional, and not mobile-friendly. “It’s a natural progression [that] customers are contacting us on the web. They don’t want our manager calling them to talk about their reservation,” said Jennifer Stamper, Interactive Marketing Manager, Extra Space Storage. “They’d prefer to get an email. They want to be spoken to in the channel that…
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