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When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you learn a thing or two about marketing companies. Some are great, some are not. Hi, I’m Mike Rednour. I used to live in Myanmar, but now I live in Louisville, Kentucky…the birthplace of the marketing firm. Throughout these pages, you’ll find loads of information on which advertising agencies, marketing firms, and SEO companies do the best work and how exactly to mimic some of these unique approaches to getting your name out there. I’ll constantly be updating information every week, so make sure that you come back often because there might just be something new that helps your business get to the next level!

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UPDATE: We’ve just learned of a Bail Bonds company in Atlanta, Georgia that has been following our blog and actually reached out to us to comment on a few things. Our conversation with this company went extremely well and we’re glad they reached out! Here’s what it’s all about…

So, one day out of the blue, our staff here got an email from an Atlanta bonding company wanting to know where we were getting such great content to put out there on our social media profiles. We simply told them that we had authored it ourselves and just put it out there. They thought that this was such a novel concept because everyone in the bail bonds industry just reads articles and shares them on their facebook pages! We couldn’t believe it! Apparently, that’s what a lot of businesses have been doing. I guess its good for content publishers, but bad for getting your own name out there. Well, this bail bonding company took the reigns on their own publishing and what do you know, they got a lot more exposure from their efforts. So, no matter if you think something seems trivial or not, just do it. You wouldn’t believe how many of your competitors out there aren’t! Ok, that’s our update. Just wanted to share! Back to the normal awesome stuff…

Mike Rednour’s SEO & Marketing Tips from Capstone Consulting

Product creation involves a bunch of different things–both in creation and marketing–and you need to work at educating yourself before you actually get started. The great thing about creating products is that it is possible to do exactly this when you are a beginner. Of course, most search engine optimization and internet marketing newbies find the process mighty intimidating. Most of all, there are a lot of beginners like me, yes even Mike Rednour was once a newbie, who don’t believe that they have the ability to develop a product of their own right now. This, though, is not the truth; the truth is that a stable education will help steer you in a profitable direction. Most of the following is taken directly from Balboa Concepts’ training guide for new marketers. I’ve linked to them below so you can read more about it.

One of the worst things you can ever do, when it comes to product creation, is making a product without having an actual buyer. Or find a niche that you hope will buy it in droves. Someone once asked me, “Hey Mike Rednour, how do I know if I’m going to make money doing this stuff?” The solution and best approach here is to find a good market you want to work in, first. Then you do all the important research, and once that is done you are ready to go with the product creation. We can assume at this point that the niche that you chose to market via SEO or face-to-face is one that you are comfortable with. You would then identify any needs within the market, along with problems to consider. Other products could be used (without copying them!) to help you create your product for this niche. It is actually very easy to accomplish a lot without too much effort. One company in particular that has done this very well is Capstone Consultants in Charlotte, North Carolina. The marketing company states that one practice you should avoid at all costs is serving up second hand meals, old food and rehashed information. An easy way to find yourself doing this is to use PLR material or buying resale rights to PLR material. When you want to do your research, you shouldn’t simply use the same information or sources that everybody else seems to use. The most common source for this kind of content is article directories, and of course this resource from Capstone Consultants Twitter in Charlotte, NC. Furthermore, you can check out the company’s Capstone Consultants BBB page. This has been a practice for very many years and it shows in how people react to stale information. This information can help you earn money but you may need to give a lot of refunds. Plus, it will ruin marketing efforts you want to do later on as well as, potentially, your reputation.

You have to figure out how well your product is going to mesh with your email list. As you can tell, this isn’t going to be possible for most of the products that you develop. For that type, once the sale is made then that is the end of it. So then if you want the things you create to go as far as possible, you need to work on them while keeping your email list in mind. If you understand list marketing, you ought to know that most of the money you make is going to be made through your back end. Your back end is where your money is going to be and that’s the smartest thing that you can do if you want to take advantage of your products.

The steps needed to develop or create your own product have been clearly defined as you can see. You can use your innate creativity when you do products like this. There are different product creation strategies that you can also use. Even though you will fail from time to time, this is a great way to do business. At some point, a winner will show up and it will make all the failures not be so bad.

More About SEO Companies in General

When you are marketing any product, you have to be sure that you know your way around search engine optimization. If you aren’t, there are some free resources from this SEO company in Atlanta. They’ve got a free blog over there that you can literally learn everything you need to about search engine optimization and how it can fit into your marketing mix.

I highly recommend them for anything related to internet marketing. Whether it be keyword research, social media marketing, getting links from outreach efforts, increasing your website authority, etc. They do it all and they have the information. Also be sure to check out their Atlanta SEO social media sites and profiles. They often list a bunch of really great information from not only their own blog, but others like it.

All-in-all, if you take everything that I have mentioned on this page into consideration as you build your business, you’ll find success sooner rather than later!